Stephanie has certainly had a busy 2016; after relocating her entire life to Cape Town, and enjoying a growth spurt in her business all in the first few months, she needed to ground herself, take stock of where she was and how she was living.

I launched a project of gratitude and instead of keeping a gratitude journal, I decided to use a visual platform and post a photograph every day of something for which I was grateful.

Stephanie Young, Opportunity 365

Instead of keeping a gratitude journal, in which one writes about things they are grateful for on a daily basis, she instead launched project #Opportunity365, and encouraged others to share their moments on social media using the hashtag. With the intention of inspiring others, and creating deeper connections online, she has seen the movement grow from just her shares, to having complete strangers show her messages they have received encouraging them to do the same.

In such a fast paced world where we are all told to want for better and bigger every day, it is not only beneficial for our spirit, but for our health, to stop and take note of what we are grateful for – even if it is hard at first, give it a try!

Join in online#Opportunity365 movement online today, and thank yourself tomorrow!

Written by: Dianne Mc Alpine