(And why they should)

Stephanie with Mark Lottering with a painting behind them

Whether you’re a business owner or a start-up, you want social media exposure for your brand. Your brand is innovative and perfectly positioned for a post-Covid era so why is it so hard to make sales, gain likes, grow followers, and see the engagement? What gives? Sometimes social media feels like an uphill battle and even while you’re more than willing to do the work, the results just aren’t there.

The fact is, there are some things you just can’t manage daily if you aren’t on social media 24/7. Sometimes, time just gets in the way, and you need a little more help to break through. I can help you because I know all about what you’re going through as you face putting your brand on the social media map.

Stephanie sitting with other ladies at an event

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Stephanie, founder of Amplifly Digital, a proudly South African marketing company serving an international audience. I work with clients around the globe and believe in attracting loyal clients by building strong personal relationships. Over the past decade, I have learnt that relationships are more important than marketing and that brands need to focus on befriending their potential clients.

I also believe that finding a partner who understands your business values is key to achieving this goal. Not everyone can understand the passion you feel for your brand, and this is certainly something that takes effort from a marketing perspective. I have learnt that building relationships takes time and I take the time to understand the passion behind your brand which in turn allows me to become the brand voice online.

Very few of our clients have left our portfolio over the years, most have been with us since we opened our doors, and these clients often refer to us as part of the family. I would love to become a part of yours and help you to grow your social media presence.

Written by Stephanie Young