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2022 has been a busy year so far. And yes, we’re only coming up on the first quarter of 2022, but I’ve crossed time zones and continents and managed to almost skip summer. On the day that I left South Africa, it was a warm 46 degrees and I landed in a Winter Wonderland! What a magical experience.

As I’ve journeyed, I’ve noticed a few things about social media that I thought you might find useful and interesting. These are some of my observations:

  • Big brands have social media voices, and they are showing up in a big way! They go big and don’t go home.
  • Smaller brands are mostly starting one or two channels and when I chat to these business owners, they all share a common challenge: a lack of time to create quality content and their struggles to write interesting captions.
  • When I began to dig into the statistics on social media in Canada (for example), I was astounded to learn Canadian social network users stands at a record 31.8 million. With a social network penetration rate of 83 percent, the country has one of the worlds’ most connected online populations! Are you aware of trending landscapes in your country? (Contact me if you want to know!)
  • I’m noticing a greater variety of platforms in use and that Facebook dominance is waning. Keep an eye on TikTok – driven by younger users, it’s exactly where you need to position your future target market.

What is your favourite channel? Have you picked a favourite? It’s taken me 8 years of daily engagement on all the platforms to finally choose Instagram as the one I would favour above the others.

One thing I have learnt on social media is that you need to remain curious about the many changes. At Amplifly Digital we base many of our ideals on the hummingbird and their incredible ability to adapt to change of pace by moving their wings in the pattern of an infinity symbol and travelling up to 3000 km to reach their destination! I finally saw a hummingbird for the first time and the size of this tiny, yet tenacious, adaptive little bird totally astounded me. It inspired me to observe something so tiny achieving so much! When you notice changes in social media, don’t be alarmed or give up before you’ve even explored the new (and free for now!) marketing tools. Be curious, be adaptive and let us help you to continue to evolve your marketing efforts.

Sending you hummingbird loves from a snowy Canada.

Written by Stephanie Young

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