Never underestimate the value of your profile picture on LinkedIn. That tiny square says quite a bit about you to potential clients, employers, partners, or business associates. Your profile photo certainly does make that crucial first impression.

Different polaroid shots of Stephanie

So, what do you look out for when you click across to quickly check your profile photo? Look at the one above this post. These are examples of what not to publish, even if they are cute and funny.

Do have a profile picture.

This seems so obvious but there are people who still use the LinkedIn default blue silhouette. Your profile photo will increase your visibility and it is, therefore, critical to have a photograph if you want to be taken seriously.

Placeholder image for profile pictures

Don’t forget the background.

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, so limit personalized backgrounds. Leave your untidy desk or worse, sink, out of the photograph. Keep it simple, clean, and professional.

Think about the lighting.

If you can’t afford to go to a professional, ask a friend to photograph you, first setting up the light source to their immediate left or right as opposed to a direct flash which tends to “flatten and wash you out”. When taking a LinkedIn profile photo, shoot indoors against the wall (grey or white). It is easier to control the light and achieve a professional effect.

Do consider hiring a professional photographer.

A professional headshot is an investment, one that can often be used for years and across many platforms.

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